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MINDSHAKE 043. Wild EP by Egbert

Egbert returns to Mindshake Records with Wild EP, the label's 43rd release. After his Knapperig EP, out in 2015, and an impressive remix of Nick Curly's 'Olympic' track, this latest project from the taleted producer and LIVE act specialist is ferocious and delirious.

Egbert's special skills have attracted the attention of big names from the electronic scene: Secret Cinema, Sven Väth, Paco Osuna, Gregor Tresher and Adam Beyer are just a few of the DJs and producers who have detected the genius beneath the fingers of this slick young Dutchman. On his return to Mindshake Records, Egbert seamlessly stamps the energetic and furious scent from his LIVE acts on this three-act piece where the furore and the passion never disappears, but is transformed in order to enhance the experience.

Opening the EP is 'Wild', a deep wavy tune balanced with high, sharp textures that delve us into a vibrant circuit that is impossible to leave. Making it true to its name, 'Wild' is the fascinating trap that keeps us waiting for Egbert's next move. Anchored in the wilderness, 'Control' represents a different challenge. Through a dry and warm upbeat groove, a suggestive female voice invites us to an unsystematic control. 'Elektriciteit' grows from a frenzied start, reflecting Egbert's natural outgoing techniques and artistry. 'Elektriciteit' is formed from a subtle melodic base that climbs fast to the top by applying flowing synths and punchy kicks to create a dark and dim track suitable for linking together all the pieces of this new reference.

With 'Wild' EP, Egbert and Mindshake Records once again cement their musical partnership that has seen them score success on the Mindshake Showcases around the world.

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Paco Osuna

Paco Osuna

To talk about Paco Osuna is to refer to one of Spain´s most representative DJs and producers, so much so that he has forged a very important position among the European artists with greatest projection worldwide. And it is not easy to summarise his career, but it is possible to integrate it into three common denominators: creativity, innovation and evolution.

Paco Osuna became interested in music at the age of 14 and in 1994, he formalised the idyll by converting his passion into a profession. In 2006, while shaping his spectrum as an artist, Paco Osuna created his second label, Mindshake, achieving great success and attracting international attention. Characters such as Skoozbot, Ambivalent, Paul Ritch, Matteo Spedicatti and Andrea Ferlín have published on the label.

In 2006, by forming Club4 Paco consolidated the idea of creating a club in Barcelona with a specific concept, a club that has been designed as an original place on the Barcelona scene, offering an option of variety and accessibility to new musical tendencies. Artists such as 2000 and One, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Christian Smith, Dubfire, Josh Wink, Marco Carola, Matthew Dear, Michel De Hey and Richie Hawtin have passed by Club4´s stage.

Paco´s dedication and musical skills have led him to be an indisputable part of the Plus8 ranks, publishing EPs such as Crazy (2007), Obeat (2008) and Lemon Juice (2009). In 2009 he was chosen to be part of Plus8´s 100th release, where he had the honour of recreating two of Plastikman´s classic tracks, “Goo” and “Ethnik. Thus, in the studio Paco Osuna is a fertile mind, having also produced and remixed in 2009 for labels such as Spectral, Minus, MindShake, Clink and Bla Bla LTD, among others.

Therefore, Paco Osuna over the years has reaped the rewards through great achievements that are reflected in his popularity as an artist and a producer. For Paco, 2009 was a year with a full diary. With literally every weekend booked, Paco toured worldwide, from Latin America to Japan, Miami to Argentina, London to Berlin, and Australia to Central America. A year in which Paco crossed the world performing in clubs such as Fabrik (London and Madrid), Watergate, Cocorico, Goa and Pacha NY, and stages at festivals like DEMF (Detroit), Awakenings (Amsterdam), SAMC, (Buenos Aires), Amore (Rome) and for the fourth consecutive year at WMC (Miami).

Paco Osuna, in a continuing evolution of his sound, has therefore managed to capture the most pure minimalistic sounds, combining them with his best characteristic fibres: depth, darkness and intelligence. And throughout which, he shows his creativity and innovation on stage, driving his passion and vibrancy to create a different story every time, while establishing a unique connection with the crowd.

Alexis Cabrera

Alexis Cabrera

As a self taught musician, Cabrera started to experiment with music at a very young age. After having spent six years of conservatory studies, his music flourished. Cabrera’s style can best be defined as a tech house sound with groovy bases. He performs exclusively live, singing his own songs on the fly. His songs was released on labels like Mindshake Records,Kumquat Records, Time has changed, Great Stuffs and many many more.

Nowadays Alexis performs at most hype clubs in Buenos Aires such as Mandarine, Bahrein, Pacha, Cocoliche, just to name a few. Since his production are full of percusions and his own vocals he just plays in LIVE format singing in live and creating his songs on the fly. Cabrera’s last european tour was such a success, performing in Berlin, at clubs like Watergate and Club der Visionaere, and also at Split (Croatia), Zurich, Rome, and Venice, Kiev.

2012 has kept Alexis busy. After his European tour (playing in clubs like Watergate and Club der visionaere on Berlin, Croatia, Zurich) he’s recently co-produced Barem’s “After the Storm”, along with Barem himself, released on Minus in the middle of 2011[Minus 110]. He also worked with Jorge Savoretti and Matteo Spedicati for AMAM. And now is still hot his release “Whatever ep” on Paco Osuna’s Label “Mindshake Records”

Cabrera’s eager talent is not limited to dance floor oriented tracks, and this can be seen in his work under the a.k.a. CABRI, most suited for relaxing times.

Alexis Cabrera without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of new producers of Argentina and his discography shows collaborations with credible top artists of the world such as Barem, Someone Else, Kate Simko, Franco Cinelli, Jorge Savoretti, Matteo Spedicati, Violett, Ariel Rodz, Juan Zolbaran and Ronan Portela, among others.

Ariel Rodz

Ariel Rodz

As it would have been written beforehand, Ariel started to gain interest for music since he was 10 years old, when he got his first keyboard.

Since that moment, he grew his devotion constantly, learning also to play guitar and percussions.

His first musical influences were Dub & Reggae, listening to artists such as Bob Marley, Horace Andy, King Tubby, Mad Professor among many others.

Since year 2000, he got interested in House & Techno music listening to a big variety of records and learning from rising artists who came booming from the London wave like Nathan Coles, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards, and after these ones, legends like Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Robert Hood and Jeff Mills.

Ariel remembers: “There have been countless evenings and nights that i´ve spent listening to music at home mixing and re-mixing all the records I bought or received.”

Thanx to the time and effort he had dedicated to it, the first live performances began to show up, gaining his first residence at the beach disco “Pueblo Limite” in Villa Gesell, achieving a very important jump in his career, and from that moment on, he has taken his sound continuously to the most important clubs in Argentina, such as Pacha, Mint, Big One, Bahrein, Cocoliche, Shamrock and in festivals like South American Music Conference 2008 and 2009 editions, and on the outside, in cities from Peru, Uruguay and Colombia.

Ariel is also mentor of Unique and Blow parties, two from the most important from his country, in which he was able to share stage with artists such as Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Paul Ritch, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, Joseph Capriati, Phonique, Matthias Tanzmann, Simon Baker, Camea, Martin Eyerer, Alexi Delano, Alex Under, Ray Okpara among others.

In his live performances mainly wander Instrumental dub, House, Jazz and Techno accompanied by surrounding basses and a hypnotic and unique groove rhythm.

His works were edited in labels like Mindshake Records, BLA BLA, Area Remote, KumQuat Tunes, Be Real, Unique Community and many others, receiving support of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Loco Dice, Mathias Kaden, Nick Curly, Paco Osuna, Alex Under, Someone Else, Barem, Matteo Spedicati, Guy Gerber, 2000 and one, Davide Squillace, Joseph Capriat and many more.

Currently he continues working and showing total commitment with music, preparing a lot of tracks that we will glimpse at the course of time, because, as he says “This love will never end.”



Barem has made himself a key member of the Minus family in recent years, despite growing up on the other side of the world from the Berlin
based label. The man born Mauricio Barembuem spent his youth playing blues and rock guitar, but quickly took advantage of the digital revolution in which he was living, soon getting to grips with programmes like Ableton and Reason to start crafting his own electronic sounds: a keen individualist, this form of musical expression was the one Barem really enjoyed away from playing in bands.

Influenced by imprints like Perlon, Spectral Sound and 7th City as well as, of course, Minus, he began on a long journey honing his own unique sonic fingerprint. It wasn’t easy in Buenos Aires, however, and but for a debut release, the Kleine EP, on free net label Unfoundsound Records in 2005, Barem might not be where he is today. “Suki” from that EP was picked up by a number of internationally acclaimed DJs and re-released on vinyl label Phonocult 2 years later, with more releases on the label coming before first getting signed up to Minus on the label’s Min2Max compilation with “Opal”.

More releases followed on Minus, forever making Barem a more and more vital cog in the label’s wheel, all the while with his style evolving from stark, digital and abstract into a more organic tech house sound as exemplified by his Kolimar EP. Following a break away from production in the following years, Barem focused on DJing around the world at important festivals like Mutek, DEMF, TimeWarp, Tomorrowland and many more across North and South America, Europe, South Africa and Japan.

Says the man on his production aims… “I love Bass. That’s where my tracks are sustained and where I concentrate most energy. I’m not really the melodic kind of producer. But somehow melodies happen on a random secondary layer by the interaction of elements. I love percussion and that’s my second main resource. Most of my tracks are very loopy and groovy. I like when the groove pushes you to dance with no effort while the loop gets you hypnotised. My favourite songs ever are all very simple and that’s what I try to do with my music.”

The crowning glory in this producer’s discography to date is his full-length album, After The Storm. Released in June 2011, the album goes deeper and deeper into Barem’s percussive driven grooves, natural sounding rhythms and rich, well-defined sound palette. A genuine journey from start to finish that touches on dub, takes cues from acid, but always remains warm, and mystical, the album has also spawned another world tour which saw the man play live across the world for the first time since 2008 having previously focussed on DJ shows. Accompanied by mesmerising lights and visuals to help elicit that feeling of calm after the storm, it cemented Barem as one of the scene’s keenest sonic inventors and finest live perform.

Carlo Lio

Carlo Lio

If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a priority in Carlo’s life; anyone who witnesses him gracing the decks can attest to this. Carlo can turn a careful observer into a dancer through the raw emotion and passion in his music.Music is a language; it is a means of connectivity, intimacy and communication and Carlo has brilliantly captured and shared this with his fans.

As a DJ, producer: & businessman, his continued efforts both in and out of the booth have paid off. Teaming up with studio partner Nathan Barato to create Rawthentic Music, Carlo has been pounding out numerous quality hits which have received plenty of local & International support. His unique signature style that’s driven by a relentless, sexy, hypnotic, techy groove is sure to leave you mesmerized. Carlo has so instinctively tapped into that ‘human experience’ that millions of clubgoers have sought after and has taken so many on a journey into sound. With his flawless and imaginative mixing and his mind-blowing programming, Carlo preaches a gospel of repetitive beats.

His fast, deep pulsing tech-house, or groovy, chuggy minimal are inspirational and he credits his latest sound to two of his most current influences; Mastiksoul, Marco Carola and Loco Dice. Carlo emulates great confidence and is a strong visionary and leader in Toronto ’s club culture. If you have a yearning hunger for the beat, just open wide; Carlo will satisfy your mind, body and soul and leave you salivating for more.



Having been intrinsic in EDM culture since the early-nineties Dela’s deep-rooted passion for music has always been in constant forward-motion. Early appreciations for the sounds and influences of Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin have paved a way for a continual focus on innovation and musical progression. This developing artistic sense has only been matched by his personal determination to grow hand-in-hand artistically with the music itself.

Today, as Paco Osuna’s label partner for Mindshake Records (based in Barcelona, Spain), Dela finds his passions immersed in the cutting-edge of the world’s top techno and house arenas. However it is his love affair with the studio and DJ booth where Dela is able to express these passions artistically. As a producer, his signature concoctions of intricately percussive and heavy groove-based tech house have impressed aficionadi as found on labels like Mindshake itself, Colombia’s ‘The Room’ and Argentina’s ‘Pild Records’. With several Originals and Remixes finding addictive rotation and chart selections by major industry stalwarts like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Paco Osuna and more, Dela’s music has received top-shelf recognition globally.

As a DJ, his sets have graced dancefloors at noteworthy venues home and abroad… most notably appearing on headlining and featured bills at major institutions, many of which falling on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list, such as: Space – Miami, Beta – Denver, RISE – Boston, Smartbar – Chicago… and several other clubs, underground events, and label showcases throughout the globe, including a feature in Denver’s 2012 all-American tech-artist themed festival ‘The Great American Techno Festival’. As the sole American-ambassador to the sexy, energetic sound that Mindshake has branded worldwide, Dela has been on the move as one the US’ most whispered names in tech house.

His music will undoubtedly suit it’s playing field – spanning anything from deep and sexy avant house to the jack and bounce of peak hour tech-house or techno. A keen sense for aesthetics and an ability to adapt are what make Dela who he is to this music. Always studying. Always looking forward. And most importantly… always giving back.

Fer BR

Fer BR

Fer BR (Mindshake Records / Waveform / Toolroom) is born on October 1984 in Spain , hardly influenced by the Techno scene in 2000.

He is an artist of the new batch of Spanish producers that is gaining attention in the Electronic Dance Music Scene.
Specialist creating energetic grooves while elegant ,creating music focused on the dance floor while using futuristic dark funk sounds… This is why his productions have taken the best charts and top sales lists last year receiving Chart and Dj support by many established artist like Carl Cox , Richie Hawtin , Paco Osuna ,Marco Carola , Umek , Dubfire, Carlo Lio or Stacey Pullen.

After succesfully releases on 1605 ,Potobolo or Waveform Recordings, he has been called by Paco Osuna to be an active part of his “family”, Mindshake Records, giving him a big chance to work exclusively , sharing the Label and Showcasing with major artists on the international scene.

As DJ ,Fer BR was touring around Europe the last 4 years, spinning groove , funk , house and techno . Definitively one of the most creative Spanish artists and a perfect electronic music chameleon.

Keep an eye in this young talent and Be funky!!

John Lagora

John Lagora

John Lagora was born in Oberhausen, Germany. His love for music started at the early age of 12 while he was listening to the early 90s Essential Mixes broadcasted by the British radio station Bfbs. Very early it got pretty clear that his passion meant more than just listening to music and so he started to look for possibilities to produce electronic music and to learn how to Dj.

15 years later, you can say that his passion for electronic music as well as his constant will to develop were absolutely worth it. Remixes for global players like Gayle San, releases on labels like Plus8 and Mindshake and collaborations with Paco Osuna are evidence of his continuously drive of passion. The list of remixers including world class artists like Maetrik aka Maceo Plex, Whebba, Renato Cohen or Sis who put their hands on his tracks is also remarkable.

Since 2010 he has constantly played as a live act or with his dynamic Dj sets at some of the best Spanish clubs including Elrow and Club 4 in Barcelona, Florida 135 or Sankey on Ibiza. His own label Seoul Community was just relaunched and reflects his entire definition of electronic
music. The goal is to connect artists with each other, to have a good time and to create a friendly community.

Kabale Und Liebe

Kabale Und Liebe

While Amsterdam is rising to fame as a hotbed for young techno talent, one of its greatest new ambassadors is gaining grounds accordingly. Not only has Kabale und Liebe – amongst other smashing releases – produced one of the greatest clubhits of the decade. He is currently sweeping dancefloors across Europe with his compelling live and dj performances. Blending the old with the new and the minimalistic with the soulful, Kabale und Liebe has created a sound that appeals to technofreaks and househeads alike, his growing popularity marking a new era of approach between the two scenes.

Kabale und Liebe – or Liron van Daalen, as his parents dubbed him – is exemplary of a new school generation, that studied electronic music and production techniques since early childhood, reaching musical adolescence in their teens. At the tender age of twelve, Kabale und Liebe already dreamed of being a professional dj, spending most of his time and all of his allowance on gear and vinyl. During his teens, he played frequently at clubs across the Netherlands. When he debuted as a producer at age twenty-three, he already had the experience and the record collection of a seasoned jock, and a musical taste as ripe as a piece of old Dutch cheese.

Only a year after his first releases on Meerestief and Archipel, Kabale und Liebe had his first big hit with Mumbling Yeah. It shot up the charts in 2007. Resident Advisor even voted Mumbling Yeah ‘track of the year’. That same year Kabale und Liebe joined forces with Quazar, Lauhaus, Boris Werner, Julien Chaptal and David Labeij to bring Amsterdam 661, a super group live formation made up of Holland’s finest, bringing a unique and captivating live jam session on six machines, but with only one aim: to thoroughly rock the crowd. In the meantime, Amsterdam 661 has rocked some of the best dancefloors in Europe. As for Kabale und Liebe, his feel for the dancefloor has
kept him internationally in demand as a live-act and a dj.

Since 2007 Kabale und Liebe has found himself amidst a whirlwind of international media attention, festival bookings and remix requests. Signed to Remote Area and 100 % Pure, he became the bright new star of Amsterdam’s thriving New School scene. Quite the pressure for a guy in his mid twenties. But he has kept his head straight and proven to be much more than just a one-hit wonder. Tracks like Makake (2008), Miami Nice (2008), Una y Nada and Hotpants (2009) and his latest Since You looked into my Eyes (2010), all show a profound mastery of the studio, a
deep understanding of the dancefloor and a knack for catchy tunes. Not to mention the growing list of ace remixes for labels like Rush Hour, Great Stuff and Strictly Rhythem.

To further express their musical vision, Kabale und Liebe and fellow-New Schooler Lauhaus decided to set up Soweso. The label is meant to cater for upcoming artists in the rapidly growing house-techno crossover scene. Local talents like Makam and Tom Ruijg as well as Ali Nasser and
DJ Wild are already signed, with the label bosses providing the occasional remix. “It’s not so much about pushing ourselves forward,” Kabale explains. “Our main objective is to support the music we believe in, and to add something substantial to the world of electronic music.”
Something Kabale und Liebe has been doing quite convincingly for the last three years and will continue doing for as long as he can help it.

Lorenzo Bartoletti

Lorenzo Bartoletti

Lorenzo Bartoletti is a dynamic DJ, producer whose dedicated approach is helping shape the outlook of modern electronic music. Totally immersed within the scene since a teenager, Lorenzo has become one of Italy’s most vital electronic artists. A versatile producer, highly perceptive and knowledgeable as a DJ and co-owner of a new, forward thinking record label, Lorenzo is spreading his musical manifesto far and wide.

Lorenzo’s deft ability at connecting with his crowd has made him such a respected and well-loved DJ over the years. A highly perceptive DJ when it comes to gauging the atmosphere in a room, Lorenzo has an innate aptitude for intensifying the mood of the dancefloor. His appreciation and understanding of the traditional role of the DJ, which is something he has been steadily honing since he was first seduced by club culture around the start of the new millennium, has always been at the forefront of his performances. Since first gaining notoriety in Italy, Lorenzo has become an important tastemaker on the international scene over the years.

2008 was the year that Lorenzo started to produce his own records. His natural skill behind the desk immediately won him attention from the likes of Suara, Sk Supreme Records, Viva Music, Material Series, Loco and Trapez. In 2011, he was also picked up by Paco Osuna’s impressive Mindshake Records and thus started a new and important relationship for future creativity.

Lorenzo also joined his friend Marzio Aricó (AKA Prudo) as Alfa Romero in 2011. The duo have since been developing the brand with fresh, new music and an exciting label of their own to start in 2013. The eponymous imprint will usher in the next chapter of the Alfa Romero story with world -class house music from an array of talent from around the world. A determined artist who remains fully committed to the development of the scene, Lorenzo Bartoletti is becoming an ever more prevalent purveyor of house music culture.



Ever since his memorable breakthrough in 2008, Nick Curly has established himself as one of the pre-eminent international acts in the modern era of house music.

Nick’s run of timeless, club-ready 12”’s and remixes have constantly and consistently found the mark amongst both music fans and his DJ peers. He currently stands at #4 in industry bible Resident Advisor’s most charted acts of all-time, sitting in alongside luminaries Maceo Plex, Butch, Radio Slave and Maya Jane Coles in the top 5, and he has become one of the world’s most in-demand DJs.

The majority of Nick’s output has appeared on his own 8Bit label, as well as the now defunct – but memorable – Cecille Records. Industry titans such as Cocoon, Space Ibiza and Defected have all played significant roles in the Nick Curly story so far and in 2015  Adam Beyer’s Truesoul imprint and Nick’s own ‘Trust’ parties have come into the mix and helped power his future.

Nick’s early adult years were spent working at Mercedes in south-west Germany and, like the cars that he helped to roll off the line in Frankfurt, his music is meticulously crafted, economical and timeless. His early hits like ‘Critical Mass’ and ‘Another Tearjerker’ in the mid 00’s were cuts which not only propelled his own career forward, but also acted as signposts for what shortly thereafter became known as the ‘Mannheim Sound’ – a catch-all term used to describe the post-minimal house sound being defined by the city’s Cecille and Oslo labels, which were owned and A&R’d by Federico Molinari and Nekes (Oslo) and Curly and Marc Scholl (Cecille).

The two labels, in tandem, defined the global house landscape in 2008-10 with the labels powering forward in presenting a new wave of German talent – and acts such as Johnny D, Molinari, Ray Okpara, Sis, Markus Fix, Robert Dietz and Nick himself, had the world at their feet.

The meteoric rise of the labels and their main protagonists allowed Nick to take his DJ talents international for the first time, during this period. As a DJ, he had  already been well schooled, having been immersed in the Rhein-Main electronic scene throughout the 90s, before cutting his teeth on the turntables at club Vibration and Lagerhaus in Mannheim over a period of 3 years. By 2003, Nick had been installed as a resident DJ at Loft in Ludwigshafen by the Cosmopop organisation, which allowed him to play with DJ´s like Marco Carola, Loco Dice and Carl Cox. Curly would settle on a mixture of grooving tech-house and techno as the template which would inspire both his labels and his own DJ style.

2009-10 were his break-out DJ years as Curly landed the honour of the Cocoon Ibiza mix compilation ‘Party Animals’, with discs being mixed by both Nick and Marco Carola. A Space Ibiza residency quickly followed, courtesy of the club’s new ‘Kehakuma’ concept, which was bringing in the new wave of house and techno acts who would come to define the post 2010 landscape – Nick found himself starring weekly at the club, launched into the 2010 season alongside the likes of Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, Guy Gerber and Seth Troxler. At this time, Nick found himself scoring debut tours in Asia, South America and Australia, as well as facing the acid test of debut appearances at A-list clubs Warung, Womb and Fabric. The success of this early period culminated in Nick scoring his first Radio 1 Essential Mix, in summer 2011.

Since then, his determination, relentless work ethic and prolific output have helped him establish himself in the premier league of DJs.  His ‘Between The Lines’ album release on Defected helped cement an excellent relationship with the UK giant and Nick continues to perform at their events globally. His success with the brand, particularly on their Ibiza shows, paved the way for Nick to add another top level DJ mix compilation under his belt, in the form of their ‘In The House’ series, which was released and toured globally 2013.

2014 brought over 100 tour dates globally for Nick, as well as the introduction of his ‘Nick Curly presents Trust’ party series, which debuted at North America’s BPM Festival and presented Nick for the first time as curator. Trust has quickly picked up the pace and is now already headed towards the festival arena with appearances at the UK’s Found Festival and the Netherlands’ Edit Festival where Nick shares the stage with talents such as Sasha, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann and Steve Lawler. Along the way, Trust is picking up residencies at key clubbing hotspots such as Watergate, Moscow’s Gipsy and London’s EGG, Badaboum in Paris, as well as the annual outdoor event during Barcelona’s off week.

The current year of 2015 also sees Nick and studio partner Gorge celebrate 10 Years of their excellent 8bit Records label with a tour and a host of new contributors to the label which include Tania Vulcano, Steve Lawler, Joris Voorn and the return to the label of Nick’s all-time favourite producer Johnny D.

Ronan Portela

Ronan Portela

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ronan Portela managed to feed on different musical genres throughout his career, experiencing various production techniques, achieving the sound that characterizes him today. Today his productions are based on House, Tech House and Techno.

In 1999 he released his first self-titled album through URL Records label from former Soda Stereo Charly Alberti. After his debut album, Ronan has edited for several prestigious record labels such as Defected, Swank, OM, Big Chief, Kitsam, OneThirty among others.

Many of his works were highlighted in FTV’s compilation series and has a large catalog of productions in the national label PMB Music Brokers.
In September 2009 he released an EP “Piumino” through Someone Else’s “Foundsound” record label, reaching impressive international repercussions and this was the kick that gave him recognition and career growth. His music is listened in sets of Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Barem, Dubfire, Joris Voorn and others.

Today his productions are in high range labels such as Trapez, Remote Area, Foundsound, Bla Bla
and the list goes on …

Sean Random

Sean Random

After 5 years of constant work and dedication the Colombian DJ and producer Juan Alejandro Usma R aka Sean Random, gained a great recognition in their country and internationally with his style full of percussion, groovy bass lines and a touch of dark rhythms which make a perfect fusion in the atmosphere created by a public that is carried away from each of their senses and interpreting these sounds in their own way.

This year has been a lot of work and excellent achievements for Sean, his music toured many parts of the world by Marco Carola, Paco Osuna,
Popof, Sebastién Leger, Kaiserdisco, Carlo Lio, The Junkies, to name some of the biggest DJ’s showing his taste for Sean’s sounds. Meanwhile The Junkies has been an important part of this process and have provided a full and continuing support, signing on his own label ” Local Music ” his best-known track “Get The Drive” which was a bomb on the dance floor and I think it will continue killing.

Sean signed on labels such as Local Music, Inmotion Music, Form Music, KD Music, Potobolo Records, Sk Supreme and now exclusively signed to
the MINDSHAKE family.

Sebastian Xottelo

Sebastian Xottelo

Since his very early years, he has inclined towards all stuff related to art, due to the fact that his family is involved in that environment. This was a huge influence for the artist in order to link music to his life, filling every space with a fresher air, harmony and cheerfulness. He began with this process of production with some machines like Korg Electribe. These ones were perfect to start to experiment and to search his own style. Years later, this last issue conducted Sebastian to release his first productions on digital labels, in this way, his sound has been in the hands of artist such as: Paco Osuna, Gare Club (Porto, Portugal 2013), Neopop Festival (Portugal 2013), Tomorrowland (Belgium 2013), Space Ibiza (Enter. Closing Party Present Richie Hawtin ,Spain 2013), Piknic Electronik (Barcelona, Spain 2013), Ultra Music Ibiza at Space Closing Fiesta (Ibiza, Spain 2013), Awakenings presents Enter.Minus ADE (Gashouder,Amsterdam 2013), Enter. in Creamfields Present Richie Hawtin (BA Argentina 2013); Enter. Womb Adventure13 (Tokyo,Japan); Marco Carola, Fireworks Awakenings (Gashouder, Amsterdam 2013), Time Warp (Mannheim, Germany 2013); Stefano Noferini, Sun City Festival Beatport Stage (El Paso Tx, United States 2013), Club Pacha (BA Argentina 2014); Umek (1605 PODCAST 144) and Antoine Clamaran, in his Radio Show “All Night Long” with the remix to his song “Bears in Heaven”. This one was in the top spots for more than four consecutive times.

In addition to “All Night Long”, Sebastian’s tracks have been presented in other Radio Shows, such as: Ministry of Sound (UK), Deepsound Global Radio (UK) and Fearless Radio (Chicago); the most important ones till this moment and where the support to his music has been massive. That’s why, he has received admiration and praise by artists who are very well recognized, due to their musical career and that led him to today become part of the brand and the most coveted of electronic music family MINDSHAKE RECORDS (Paco Osuna’s Label) is one of the most exclusive labels in the world, the Brother label of Minus & Plus8 of the famous Richie Hawtin. Because of this his music began to be constantly on the charts and supports artists: Sinisa Tamamovic, Justin James M_nus, Argun Vagale, Fer Br, Kaiserdisco, Chus, Sasha Sonido, Dustin Zahn, Hollen to name a few and in the same way, top labels of the highest category become interested much more in this artist, as was the case of Stereo Productions (CHUS+ CEBALLOS) They wanted their favorite track to be on opening of the special release for this label (Madrid Music Days).

Like this, little by little, he has been consolidated in dance floors and some festivals, sharing stage with important international producers, improving his image and obtaining their respect. That is the consequence of his impeccable sound, which he makes others feel. In his sets and productions, there are always beats with big vocals sections, generating convincing melodies, which is the essence that identifies his style. “I truly believe that feeling a sober life makes me see beyond my dreams, and at the same time, I grow up from the purest and darkest colors”.

Sinisa Tamamovic

Sinisa Tamamovic

SINISA TAMAMOVIC / Night Light Records / Sci Tec / Plus 8 / / Mindshake / Kraftek / London, UK

Sensing the call of the beat in the deep, tech and techno sound that swept the continent in the late 1990s, Bosnian knob-twiddler Sinisa Tamamovic hit his own decks with an endless string of gigs in his hometown of Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina. Nearly ten years on, Sinisa has established a reputation for throwing mind-numbing parties across Europe, attracting a legion of followers willing to cross borders to get a taste of his twisted techno, tech-house and minimal beats. Since 1999 Sinisa has successfully partnered with fellow Banja Luka DJ Mladen Tomic in their URBAN BEAT organization. Quickly recognizing a niche to fill in the recovering Bosnia, Urban Beat has evolved as probably the country’s foremost promoter of events and parties by booking top drawer international names to satisfy a hungry home crowd.

Sinisa has drawn a legion of followers by playing at numerous countries worldwide like Scotland, England, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Holland, Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Ukraine, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia And Herzegovina etc. He played a few times at one of the biggest European festival, one being ‘Exit’ in Serbia to the most crazy places for partying like Kazantip Festival in Ukraine.

Since 2011 Sinisa is now evolving from his new base in London, UK.

His first original vinyl release came in December 2005. Since then, Sinisa has put out a stream of original tracks and remixes for the biggest international names and labels.In 2011, he continues with upcoming releases on Dubfire’s legendary label SCI+TEC Digital Audio and Umek’s 1605 Music Therapy , Mindshake Records, Plus 8 Records as well as expanding his own label Night Light Records with fresh talent and renowned names.

Recognized by unique sound by utilizing distinct organic drums, Sinisa reached Top 4 position on the tech house Beatport chart with the track ‘Who We Are’ that came out on 1605 Music Therapy and continued with another Top 4 track ‘Waking Up’ released on SCI+TEC Digital Audio. Also he collaborated on a track with Paco Osuna which was released on Richie Hawtin’s label Plus 8 Records and also in 2012 he popped out a remix for one of Umek’s original tracks.


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Since 2005 Mindshake has been the brainchild and creative outlet of famed Spanish DJ/Producer PACO OSUNA. What began as a genuine platform to promote his passion for music has now become a global force in pushing electronic music culture forward. Based in Barcelona, Spain and often referred to as Paco’s “second family”, Mindshake exists to support the art of like-minded contemporaries while developing a foundation for a select group of burgeoning talent throughout the world.

Since it’s inception Mindshake has shared well-regarded releases balanced by a collective of established artists and a core group of talented producers on the brink of breakout futures. From former offerings by stalwarts like Paul Ritch, Alex Under, and Alexi Delano to full-blown EPs concocted by artists like Carlo Lio, Lorenzo Bartoletti, John Lagora and more, Mindshake’s focus is to allow a necessary freedom of expression while promoting the discovery of the new. Hits like Wouter De Moor and Gideon Bouwens’ We Don’t Know, Carlo Lio’s ‘Stuck In A Dream’ and more have been featured in major compilations and are continually supported by veteran DJ’s like Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Luciano and more.

In 2010 Mindshake became poised to be much more than a record outlet. By adopting a “family first” approach to it’s operations, Mindshake has implemented a new structure and focus in broadening the exposure of the label worldwide. With label residencies from Spain to America and existing showcases at major festivals and conferences around the world, Mindshake has gained a heightened determination to continue it’s organic growth in the industry. It is with this new and recharged persona that Mindshake will continue to strengthen it’s mission by developing the most innovative of artists while providing the world with a first-class experience in contemporary electronic music culture.


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